It’s our prayer that every person who comes to Christ Lutheran Church Ministries will experience community.

While some community is experienced on Sunday morning, deeper relationships can be experienced through smaller groups.

Life Groups are small groups of people who meet in homes around San Diego County. They are led by trained leaders who guide the group in its journey to share life, support one another, study God’s Word, and serve the community.

Life Group Sessions are ongoing throughout the year.  Register for a Life Group after each church service.

Helpful Documents to download

Life Groups Resource Material

What will you do in a Life Group?

  • Share life with a small group of friends
  • Study God’s Word
  • Be in a group that supports one another
  • Serve others in your community

For how long do Life Groups meet?
Each Life Group Session lasts nine to eleven weeks. We have three sessions per year: fall, winter, and spring. At the end of each session, you can remain with the same group or try a different group. Most of our Life Groups remain together all year and even for multiple years.

How do I choose a Life Group?
You can select your Life Group by reading the Life Group Leader Biographies. These brief biographies introduce you to the Life Group leader and tell you the day, time and location of the Life Group. While many people prefer to select a group with a leader who is in the same stage of life, there are some who prefer to have a group of mixed ages. Both of these groups are available. We recommend that you do not select a group primarily on location.

How do I sign up for a Life Group?
Three week prior to each Life Group Session you may sign up for a Life Group by going to the Life Group Table which is located outside each Sunday worship service. At the Life Group table, a Life Group leader will be able to answer your questions. For more information contact:

Pastor Travis Ferguson

Life Group Sessions
are ongoing throughout the year.

Register for a Life Group
after each church service.

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