Frequently Asked Questions from Pulse Check Survey

The Mission of Christ Lutheran Church

The mission of Christ Lutheran Church is to develop dynamic disciples for Christ. To pursue this mission, we work in four environments. We worship to celebrate God’s love together; we connect to develop deep faith relationships; we learn to know and live God’s Word; and we serve to bring Christ’s love to others through works and words.

Frequently Asked Questions from Survey

Why are we using fully printed bulletins outside instead of TV’s like we did on the Upper Terrace?

  • As we planned for worship in the Square, we ultimately decided that using TV’s or screens was not feasible due to distance, wiring, etc.  We look forward to utilizing more technology once again when we move back into the Sanctuary.

When will we provide a family lounge/cry room for outdoor worship?

  • We understand how difficult it is for parents of active children. Room 1 of the Youth Center is currently available for families with young children to use on Sunday mornings during worship. The space provides a safe environment for kids to wiggle during worship. Upon moving back into the Sanctuary, the new “Family Lounge” will be available.

Why aren’t we eliminating masks and moving indoors like many other churches in the county?

  • Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, church leadership decided that it was the best option and witness of our faith to follow San Diego County Health Department guidance. Though this has, at times, been difficult and even irritating, we still believe that listening to governing authorities (Romans 13:1) honors God, the leaders He has established, and others.

Can we bring back the prayer page in the bulletin?

  • Yes! You can expect to see a new and improved version back on April 11.

Can we bring back the 9:30am worship option?

  • Christ Lutheran is committed to Christian Education, and we believe that a dedicated hour each Sunday for Sunday School, Confirmation, and Youth and Adult Bible Classes hold up our Learn environment. It is an hour a week when we dedicate resources, space, volunteers and leadership to learning more about our great God. For that reason, it is not currently our plan to bring back the 9:30am worship time.

Is there a plan to bring back the choir?

  • Choir has been used for online worship services including Lessons & Carols, Christmas, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter. The choir will return to a regular schedule when guidelines allow us to go back into the Sanctuary with no face coverings. 

What are we doing to ensure that communion is as sanitary as possible?

  • In addition to ensuring that all communion assistants sanitize their hands before participating, we have also instructed those handing out the bread (Body of Christ) to place the host on the palm of the communicant's hand, and have spaced out each cup of wine (Blood of Christ) to ensure that no one other than the communicant touches the cup.

Will we keep livestreaming after we move indoors and COVID is no longer a threat?

  • Yes! In addition to staying connected to our members who are homebound or traveling, we know many extended family, friends and past members have been able to join us online. That said, we still encourage everyone to return to in person worship able, to gather with God’s people (Hebrews 10:25).

Can we bring back online bulletins and notetaking?

  • Yes! You can go to christlamesa.org/worship-bulletins. Currently we upload the PDF of the worship service there and have the ability to take notes and e-mail them to yourself. We will explore more interactive ways to utilize this technology in the future.

Can those who are worshipping online schedule a time for communion?

  • Yes! Go to christlamesa.org/communion-request to schedule a time. Pastor Richard Burkey or Pastor Travis Ferguson will be there to lead you through a brief Liturgy of the Word and Communion.

Is parking an issue for worship with the Square taking up a considerable amount of space?

  • Parking has not been an issue since we’ve moved back to in-person worship. Parking Lot 1 is intended for the elderly and/or those with mobility issues and special needs. If you have to park in Lots 2, 3, or 4, there is a 6-passenger golf cart that makes rounds on Sunday to shuttle worshippers to Parking Lot 1.

Is pre-packaged communion still available?

  • Yes. When we offered it during worship, however, no one utilized it. If you would prefer to have pre-packaged communion, please communicate that request 2 days before the worship service by e-mailing info@christlamesa.org.

What are we doing to connect members who are worshipping online?

  • In the beginning of the stay-at-home order, we made an effort to call all of the members we had on record. That practice will start again soon for those who are worshipping online. Other endeavors include the Lenten Drop-Off, Resurrection Eggs for parents with children, and the ability to schedule a communion appointment.

What is the plan for Life Groups as we begin to move to lower tiers?

  • Many Life Groups are already meeting in a variety of different ways. The way forward is largely in the hands of current leaders and groups.

When will we have refreshments in the Lower Terrace?

  • Though serving refreshments is allowed by Health Department guidance, it is discouraged. Out of an abundance of caution, refreshments will return when face coverings become optional instead of mandatory. 

When will we return to having a consistent Christian Education Hour (Bible Studies and Sunday School)?

  • We are currently planning on moving indoors for Adult, Youth, and Children’s activities and having a consistent time each week beginning April 11.

Why don’t we have volunteer readers?

  • Due to COVID limitations, we would have to use a dedicated mic for the reader, and that is currently problematic based on the number of mics we have. We look forward to bringing back a more diverse group of readers when we move into the Sanctuary.

Can women serve communion at Christ Lutheran?

  • Though this has not been our practice at Christ Lutheran in the past, there is no theological prohibition against this. As we move back into the Sanctuary, we will consider this option.

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