The first step in becoming a member at Christ Lutheran Church Ministries

Come and check us out. Join us for a worship service, be part of a Bible Class, and get to know us as a community. Our primary goal at Christ Lutheran Church is not membership but dynamic discipleship development.

So why become a member?

Membership reflects a commitment to be part of the body of Christ, a community of faith, and a church family. Membership says, “I want to be part of growing in my faith journey with Jesus and help others to do the same.”

Membership also provides a place to be loved, cared for and held accountable (in the good sense of the term) so “I become more like Jesus every day.”

For those the Holy Spirit leads to become a member of Christ Lutheran Church Ministries, the next step is to sign up to take the New Members Class taught by Pastor Burkey.

This class is held three times a year, in the Fall, Winter and Spring.

In the membership class you will be invited to learn more about the Christian faith and Christ Lutheran Church Ministries.

Topics include how we are saved and grow in our faith, from Baptism to the Lord’s Supper. We also cover the history of Christ Lutheran Church Ministries, our core values and the DNA God has placed within us to make us a unique church just as He has made you a unique individual.

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