Mission Trips

Serving Outside Our Borders

Why go on a short-term mission trip?

For starters, you will encounter God's heart for our world and gain a sense of compassion for another culture. You will also discover your spiritual family as you serve alongside Christians in another country. Perhaps the greatest reason to go, however, is that you will expand the kingdom of God as you share the Gospel in another part of the world.

Tobati, Paraguay

  • Minister to rescued children
  • Help care for the disadvantaged children at the Children's Care Center
  • Participate in Vacation Bible School
  • Serve in vision or medical clinics
  • Perform construction and maintenance projects

Lima, Peru

  • Build a playground at one of the Children's Care Centers
  • Cook and serve meals
  • Teach Bible stories to Children
  • Serve in medical or vision clinics

Burundi, Africa

  • Teach biblical story-telling to pastors and lay leaders
  • Check on projects in the Batwa community
  • Visit the team of "The Cries of a Child"
  • Worship with locals
  • Encourage Burundi partners

Tijuana, Mexico

  • Build a house in partnership with Amor Ministries
  • Interact with locals