Guidelines, Reservations, and Bulletins

What Does Coming Back Look Like?

An Explanation of Outdoor Worship
  1. Outdoor worship will take place on the Upper Terrace for the foreseeable future at 8:00, 9:15, and 10:30am. Reservations for worship need to be made at
  2. Pop-up canopies have been placed throughout the new worship space to provide shade to all worshippers. 
  3. Chairs have been arranged for physical distancing. Chairs will be sanitized between use.
  4. Facial coverings will be required while on the campus to ensure the safety of others. 
  5. We will sing (with masks on).
  6. Communion will be celebrated, and will provide a physically distanced exit from the worship space. 
  7. A TV has been placed at the front of the worship space for people to follow along with. Worship bulletins are still available online at
  8. Live stream will be available for people to participate in from home. 
  9. Those who are in the high-risk category, and are uncomfortable being around people in corporate worship, but still wish to participate in a brief Service of the Word and receive Holy Communion are encouraged to make an appointment with Pastor Travis Ferguson at