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Developing Dynamic Disciples for Christ

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Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

We are so honored you’ve chosen to visit our website. We hope you come visit us this weekend as we celebrate God together. We’ve been a part of the La Mesa and East County community of San Diego since 1942. Since that early date, our singular desire has been to help people and families meet the challenges of life by growing as a disciple of Christ. If you’d like to learn more about who we are, what we believe, our purpose, and about our current activities then you’re going to want to go to Our Purpose, History, What We Believe, and Newsletter pages.




MAKE YOUR MARK: Build from Common Ground (Part 2 of 7)

April 15, 2018

Our culture tends to focus on things that divide us, rather than things that we have in common. However, the power of Jesus’ resurrection helps Christians to “be of one heart and mind” and celebrate unity. That does not mean that we all share the same opinion; rather, we all see the same big picture of God’s work in the world through His Son, Jesus. When we focus on common ground, we can build a legacy of service to one another that changes the worlds and makes a mark.