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March 17, 2019
Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness (part 2 of 5)

Today we continue the message series “Cross Roads: When Jesus Brings Light to Life’s Darkest Moments” as we read of Jesus’ betrayal by Judas. The phrase “hate cannot drive out hate,” reminds us of the famous civil rights leader and pastor, Martin Luther King, Jr. He made a habit once a year to preach a message titled “Love Your Enemies.” In one of the documented versions of this sermon, he said “If I hit you and you hit me and I hit you back and you hit me back…it just never ends… The strong person is the person who can cut off the chain of hate, the chain of evil.” Those words are difficult to read as we think of the people who have betrayed us. Take a few moments to think of those people in your life who have hurt you, and ask God to open your heart and mind as we hear about how to navigate those relationships in our message today.

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