United Together in Christ


Getting married? How exciting! You are, “By your promises” planning to bind yourselves together in the presence of God and the congregation as husband and wife. This is a wonderful experience that you are planning for your family and friends. Not only is the ceremony for family and friends, but God is pleased when you make it a service of worship that is centered in Christ and is dedicated to His glory. A couple desiring a church wedding wants more than a legal ceremony. Standing before the altar, a couple wants their wedding to be: A statement of faith, that marriage is part of God’s plan, a prayer for God’s blessing, a celebration for the whole family and guests, and an expression of the couple’s desire for God’s life long presence in their home.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

At the heart of Christian marriage is a promise to reflect and receive God’s abiding love towards one another within the marriage relationship and outwards in service to the world. This love is reflected in a mutual passion and care for one another, a respect for each individual in the relationship and a commitment to one another and the relationship over time that establishes trust and stability. A good marriage begins when both partners know each other well, when they have spent much time discussing their hopes and plans for marriage, and when they promise with their whole heart to “love, comfort, honor and keep” each other for the rest of their lives. Before your wedding, one of the pastors will want to meet with you for pre-marriage counseling well in advance of the wedding; as well as discuss plans for the marriage service itself.

Interested in having your wedding at Christ Lutheran Church?