Weekend Worship Volunteers

Weekends Depend on You

Service Opportunities

  • Altar Team members prepare the altar area and worship space with Holy Communion supplies, paraments and banners, sharpened pencils, functioning candles, and baptism supplies. Saturday teams set up the spaces and Sunday teams oversee cleaning and storage.
  • Usher Team members are men and women who distribute orders of service, assist worshippers with seating, collect offerings, keep track of attendance, and assist worshippers with orderly distribution of Holy Communion.
  • First Impressions Team members are hosts who greet arriving worshippers in the parking areas and at all entrances to each venue with a warm smile and words of welcome. They also answer questions for guests who are new to our campus.
  • Reader/Lector Team members read the appointed Bible readings in worship each week; one Sunday per month is set aside for parents with reading-age children to read as a family.
  • Media Team members help with multimedia during our worship time.

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