Growing in Faith

What is Confirmation?

The Rite of Confirmation is a time for students to confirm and affirm the promises made to them by God in their Baptism and to commit to being a developing dynamic disciple for Christ. Confirmation class is a Learning environment that provides students a chance to explore what it means to be a Christian, to ask deep questions of themselves, God, and church leaders, and to ultimately make a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

When and where is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a 2 year discipleship endeavor that meets every Sunday during the education hour. Students enter Confirmation at the start of their 7th grade year and go until the end of October in their 9th grade year (with summers off). The Rite of Confirmation will be celebrated the last weekend of October in their 9th-grade year.

Class is from 9:15am to 10:15am. Students should bring their Bible, pen, Small Catechism, and Confirmation folder. Check out our Confirmation Covid Plan for where we are meeting and other details.

What will we focus on?

The class focuses on key components of the Bible and Christian faith like the Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer and Apostle’s Creed. We focus on all subjects for two weeks. The first week, students gather together to learn from a great adult leader. The following week the confirmands will gather in small groups to continue the conversation. The relationship built with the small group leader and others in their group allows for authentic conversation.

New to Confirmation?

Confirmation Printable Schedules

Confirmation 4x10 Resources

Worship: 10 Worship Notes per year

Connect: 10 Refuge Events per Year

Learn: 10 Memory Verses per year

Serve: 10 Service Hours per year

First Communion

Holy Communion at Christ Lutheran Church may be celebrated by baptized students who are in 5th grade and up and have completed the Holy Communion Family Class. 

The Holy Communion Family Class (attended by parents and their children) is a 2 hour sessions offered each year. This class helps students understand the significance of The Lord's Supper and what it means for them as a follower of Christ.

First Communion is celebrated on Maundy Thursday (the day where we commemorate Jesus instituting the Lord's Supper) each year.

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